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You are at the right place if:

pipaYou do not want to compromise on either the linguistic or technical content.

pipaYou believe that a high standard of foreign language documents is an important indicator of their professional quality.

pipaYou do not want your foreign partners or their lawyers to poke fun at you because of a mistake made by a trainee lawyer or a general translation office.

pipaYou would like to spend your time and energy on customer acquisition or legal work instead of tiring translations or proofreading.


Because we

pipaKNOW that mistakes are not allowed in legal translation.

pipaKNOW that the deadline is always close.

pipaKNOW that every phrase may have a different meaning depending on the jurisdiction.

pipaTHEREFORE all of our translators are lawyers as well – with work experience gained at international law firms.

By using the services of the Legal Translation Office, all you have to do is forward or print the translated document at the click of a button. No more comparison with the original document; no more fretting about mistranslations.

It is that simple.

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Legal Translation Office: „Professional translation by lawyers for lawyers”

About us

Welcome! My name is Péter Kengyel, J.D., lawyer, professional manager and lawyer-translator at the Legal Translation Office. Our company offers professional translation of legal documents to those for whom professional quality is a priority.


Our office delivers high-level translation, proofreading and interpretation services predominantly in the legal field but also in law-related are
as of business, technology and healthcare.


Translation price depends on the target language, difficulty of the text and the deadline, therefore our prices below are target prices. Request a precise quotation by sending this document.

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