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How do customers see us?

Our successful cooperation with the Translation Office has a long history. Being a Law Firm, high quality, accuracy and meeting the deadline is a basic requirement for us. We have ordered translations on several occasions in the past few years – in numerous different languages – that were always performed by the Translation Office within a short deadline, were of high quality and contained accurate legal terminology both for our own and our clients’ utmost satisfaction.

Róbert Szuchy, J.D., PhD, managing partner of Szuchy Law Firm


As Legal Director of Origo Film Group Zrt. and Origo group of companies, I hereby would like to thank the Legal Translation Office for the precise and professional translations fully reflecting the legal position. I would like to emphasise that they always prepared the translations on time and ‘immediately’ when it was necessary. The fact that the price of the service is real and ‘affordable’ is very important. The work of the Translation Office has been consistent and high-quality for years, as I experienced it at my former workplace as well.

Thank you!

Márta Fekszi Horváth, J.D.

Legal and Administration Director, International Relations



There are many lawyers and lots of translators but there are only a few whose work is of a high standards in both areas. The Legal Translation Office is like that. I only turn to them if I need translation of legal documents during my work or become uncertain about the Hungarian equivalent of a foreign expression. This way I can be sure that I will receive the highest quality translation both professionally and linguistically.

Miklós Kocsis, J.D. PhD

Assistant Professor

Constitutional Law Department



I have known Péter Kengyel, J.D. for almost a decade. We started off as colleagues but now we can say that a friendly relationship has developed from this cooperation due to the disciplined and professional work experienced during the years. This is the basis on which I work together with Péter in numerous areas in connection with both legal and other social science translation work. Based on my experience, I recommend the services of the translation agency led by him.

January 12, 2015, Budapest

Tamás Gergely Kucsera, J.D.

Secretary General of the Hungarian Academy of Arts

Editor of Valóság journal



SBGK Law Firm

Jalsovszky Law Firm

Duda and Csákó Law Firm

Hungarian Academy of Sciences

University of Miskolc

World Science Forum – scientific world summit organised by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Hungarian Academy of Arts – internal regulations

GLOBENET Számítástechnikai Fejlesztő Zrt. – hospital management systems

GIRO Elszámolásforgalmi  Zrt. – financial documents

Global Netprint Limited – regulations of telecommunications applications, webpage content into numerous European languages

Transenergo Hungary Kft. – electricity trade


… numerous excerpts from company register, certificates, agreements, regulations in all areas…